NewsMunchies Celebrates 10 Years

“A well-regulated, legal substance is safer than a poorly-regulated, illegal one.” – Ted Corless

NewsMunchies with Ted Corless is proud to mark its first decade advancing the legalization of cannabis and psychedelic laws.  I started the NewsMunchies brand about a decade ago, and our mission has expanded beyond safe and fair access to cannabis.  We are zealous advocates for the modernization, legalization, and medicalization of laws impacting cannabis and ethnobotanicals. 

For a decade, the centerpiece of NewsMunchies has been original, well-curated, and research-driven news and insights about the topics that affect the cannabis and ethnobotanical landscape – both nationally and around the globe. I’m exhilarated about our growth trajectory; we have come so far, and I’m more eager than ever about the road ahead. 

In its first decade as a blog and multimedia platform committed to excellence in journalism and education, NewsMunchies has strengthened its position in the cannabis and psilocybin sectors by providing ever-more guidance and solutions to legalize plant materials for research and recreational purposes. 

Reflecting on ten years of analyzing nature-made products, I take pride in what we have accomplished, and I want to thank all those who have accompanied us on our journey, including dedicated collaborators as well as longstanding readers and listeners.  It has been full of wonderful experiences and getting to know so many talented people in the cannabis industry and psychedelic space. 

Analyzing cannabis and psychedelics through the lens of race, gender, science, economics, and politics has helped us pass effective laws. Colorado, where I now spend considerable time, is also celebrating a major milestone.  Amendment 64, which created the first recreational marijuana market in the world, recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.  The launch of the market in Colorado proved that we can end prohibition and replace it with a sensible system that regulates marijuana.

Since 2012, the adult-use cannabis market has grown to 19 states along with Washington, D.C.  Thirty-seven states have legalized medical marijuana.  Magic mushrooms are now legal in Oregon for medicinal purposes and they are legal in Colorado for recreational purposes.  In California, Massachusetts, and Washington mushrooms have been decriminalized in select cities.  Psychedelic therapy is moving to the next frontier, with many scientists diving deep into the benefits of mushrooms.  

My hope for NewsMunchies in this next decade is to extend our cannabis and psychedelic ecosystem to historically underserved communities and ensure that opportunity is inclusive and shared among the diverse spectrum of consumers and companies.  If you would like to be featured on our NewsMunchies platform, please email to discuss interview and collaboration opportunities.

We have made incredible strides at the state level in the last decade but cannabis and psilocybin remain illegal under U.S. federal law.  Prohibiting the use, research, sale, and production of cannabis and psychedelics is bad policy and untenable.  Our goal is to disrupt and revolutionize the laws and policies surrounding nature-made products. 

To say that I am grateful for our opportunities and successes over the past ten years would be an understatement.  To all of my readers and listeners who supported us along the way, you inspire us to continue the fight to reform cannabis and psilocybin laws.   We want to empower consumers, corporations, scientists, and government agencies to have honest, transparent conversations about nature-made products so that the laws which regulate them are sound and effective.  

Join the celebration.  Follow us on social media and visit our NewsMunchies website for details to be released throughout 2023 to commemorate the achievements and opportunities for the exciting road ahead.  

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