‘Shroom Boom in the Food & Beverage Industry

Fungi are no longer fringe.  The CBD and THC market for cannabis-infused foods and beverages has exploded in the last five years.  Artisanal edibles as well as cannabis-infused beers have hit the market to record sales and rave reviews.  But can psilocybin strike the same culinary chord?

‘Shrooms are a featured ingredient in jerky, butter, chocolate, protein bars, powders and capsules as well as beverage products such as lattes, teas, coffees, seltzers, energy shots and even psychedelic water.  These products and elixirs can please a lot of palates and mental states. 

From a nutritional standpoint, mushrooms are low in calories, high in antioxidants, rich in protein and fiber and they make for an excellent meat-substitute.  Some researchers also believe magic mushrooms could curb obesity.  

Companies are developing methods to infuse food and beverage products with psychedelics found in many species of mushrooms.  The concept of psilocybin cuisine and beverage will become lucrative and widely available if researchers and regulators can get on the same page to modernize mushroom policy.  

Mushrooms have been championed as a viable alternative over alcohol and prescription drugs in both the healthcare and wellness space for decades.  In fact, since ancient times mushrooms were foraged, cooked, eaten whole, steeped into teas and applied medicinally.  But in modern times, we need more laws decriminalizing psychedelics (like Oregon and in Denver, CO and Oakland, CA) so scientists, researchers and brands can fully realize their potential. 

The Food and Drug Administration has granted some therapy status to psilocybin, which allows scientists to pursue clinical trials on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic drugs.  The mainstream medical community has an opportunity to evaluate and then address whether and how psilocybin combats PTSD, anxiety, addiction and other mental health conditions.

Research is needed to help determine the right regulations and dosing when it comes to cooking mushrooms, preparing them for consumption or pairing them with other edibles.  The potency of psilocybin is something that’s completely subjective.  Start slow and take good notes about your experiences in order to make adjustments going forward.  

The pandemic has deepened our desire for calming, wellness products like mushroom-infused foods and beverages to take the edge off of an ongoing public health crisis.  Enjoying psychedelic foods and beverages may pave the way for a healthier lifestyle without creating the harmful effects from alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs.  

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