Product Review: Kosher Kush

Need more Shalom in the home?  On a recent Friday evening, I sat on my porch, watched the sun set over the horizon, and imbibed Kosher Kush from a dispensary called 14er in Boulder, Colorado.  This product was awesome and delicious.  

“Kosher Kush produces a powerful stone that results in a buzzing body, and mood elevating high,” is how 14er describes its product.  14er is a company that is miles above the rest.  Since 2010, their mission has been to provide an assortment of the finest cannabis products imaginable and adhere to strict criteria for potency, purity, and flavor.  

Under Jewish law, the preservation of physical well-being is looked upon as among the highest of religious commands, and strict religious demands may be set aside in favor of measures that relieve pain and suffering. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the State of Israel has been at the forefront of cannabis research and innovation.  Israel has been engaged in medical cannabis R&D for half a century.  In fact, a scientist at Hebrew University in Jerusalem was the first to isolate, synthesize, and analyze Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis.  

Israel is the mecca of medical cannabis, as evidenced by my interview with Saul Kaye, CEO and Founder of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis. iCAN.  Since biblical times, cannabis has been a part of Jewish life.  For instance, in Talmudic literature, there are instructions for how to grow cannabis, where you can grow it, and other uses for it.  Jews view cannabis as having many spiritual and health benefits.  

The Jewish religion has a long history with the plant, and there are numerous references to it in ancient and medieval texts.  Many Jews view marijuana as a useful medicine.  From the Jewish perspective, nothing is more important than the concept of healing and bringing sufferers relief. 

Many Jews advocate for legalization because it will correct the unfair treatment of minorities, who have been arrested at a much higher rate for possession than their white counterparts.  The legalization of cannabis is a social justice issue for the Jewish people.  The War on Drugs is grounded in ignorance, fear, racism, and prejudice, values that are repugnant to Jews.

Can cannabis be kosher? The short answer is yes.  With the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) right around the corner, this Kosher Kush product review and discussion seemed well-timed.  L’chaim!