Rise & Grind: The Importance of a Good Grinder

As you sail into summer and soak up relaxing, vacay vibes, consider the Santa Cruz Shredder grinder, which produces a premium cannabis grinder, an essential piece of any consumer’s equipment.  When talking about cannabis in its smokable form, you must include a rugged grinder to turn the flowers into the magic. Among my classic accessories to make smokable possible, I include a Santa Cruz grinder.

Santa Cruz is a well-known brand, and while they may cost a few dollars more than other grinders, you definitely get what you pay for in terms of strength to get through those tough fibers that hide all of the yummy goodness of cured cannabis plants. Santa Cruz products are built to last, and built to keep on grinding, use after use.  Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are made with anodized aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty.  Pick you color, your size of grinder, and away you go.

The Santa Cruz Shredder, which is the only medical-grade grinder in the world, is designed for durability and ready to shred your material to the perfect fluffy consistency.  A non-compacted, fluffy grind works great for traditional bongs or especially any kind of convection vaporizers because it exposes a lot of surface area to the heat while permitting more air flow.  It allows only the purest pollen to get through as well as a deeper storage so you can grind and carry a good amount of your aromatic blend. The product provides a nice, consistent grind of the herb in the context of a well-built, quality feel. Why does that matter? Read on.

By their very nature, cannabis fibers are tough and lots of good stuff is contained without the plant.  A good grinder makes the plant materials more available. The Santa Cruz Shredder grinds up the bud perfectly and many come with a kief press.  They grind herbs to the perfect consistency with teeth that have four pointy edges each. After grinding you will notice the kief inside and the Santa Cruz Shredder grinders have the finest crystal net on the market.  One of the other benefits is what you see below.

The powdery material at the bottom of the grinder is called “kief,” and is caught in a screen at the bottom.  Also known as cannabis crystals among other names, kief refers to the resinous trichomes of cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen.  Kief contains all of the cannabinoids as it is part of the pollen that collects on plants. You can smoke it, press it to make hash, or add it into your flowers when you smoke them.  I prefer the smaller available grinder, because it is easy to travel with as I visit fine cannabis stores all across the globe (someone has to do it).

The teeth of the Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are able to take extreme use.  They’re twice as strong, will never dull, and never release burrs or flakes of aluminum.  Trust me, I know. And when the lid gets difficult to turn because of resin buildup, it cleans easily with an old toothbrush and some isopropyl alcohol, and she’s just like new, ready to keep on grinding.

Another noble component of this product is that its made in the USA. We can support the troops by encouraging legislation to allow for medical cannabis for veterans as well as promote businesses that bring jobs back to the USA like the Santa Cruz Shredder. Santa Cruz Shredder makes their top notch, quality grinders in, you guessed it, Santa Cruz, California.  It’s a no-brainer to buy Santa Cruz Shredder grinders that are designed for ultimate performance. Keep up the great work, Santa Cruz.