Weed Wellness: How Pot & Pilates Changed My Life

Cannabis is the cornerstone of my self-care practice, which includes taking care of my physical as well as mental well being.  Imbibing cannabis remarkably improves my workouts. It connects me mentally and emotionally into my body, which allows me to get a more fulfilling Pilates workout. Cannabis is all the rage among athletes too and those looking to manage pain, alleviate stress, and enhance performance. Is it right for you?

Pilates is a method of exercise adapted by Joseph Pilates after the First World War for use by injured veterans. The original purpose of Pilates was to rehabilitate prisoners of war. There is a noteworthy sidebar here: Cannabis, like Pilates, helps veterans. Additionally, healing exists in horticulture. It is unconscionable that brave individuals who protect our nation’s freedoms would be treated as criminals when they return home just for treating their medical ailments with a safe and effective option, otherwise known as medical cannabis. (Military veterans continue to lobby for an end to the federal classification of marijuana as a lethal substance with no redeeming medicinal value.)

Science is racing to unlock marijuana’s benefits, but the U.S. government is not. Veterans disproportionately struggle with mental health problems and chronic pain, and the majority of veterans say they’d like medical cannabis to be a federally legal treatment option. Yet that dream isn’t a reality, even in 2018.

The basic tenets that Joseph Pilates set down have been preserved, and to this day, Pilates remains true to its origins and one of the most popular fitness regimes. Pilates has improved my flexibility, strength,and range of motion, and it counteracts any lower back pain that I might have stemming from sitting in depositions for what feels like days at a time.

When used properly, cannabis can reduce inflammation in the body before, during, or after a workout, and it can give you a boost of energy before a sweat session. The key is to be thoughtful about which cannabis products you use. Consuming cannabis can heighten the enjoyment of physical activities and make you more productive. It’s important to select products that are higher in CBD and lower in THC so you’re not high as a kite while working out.

Based on my status as a gym rat, I’m seeing more people use Pilates with pot because both have a calming effect on the mind. There isn’t much scientific research on cannabis and exercise – even if there were the FDA would suppress those reports as cannabis is still classified as a schedule 1 drug- yet anecdotally, Pilates and cannabis translates to feeling empowered,healthy, and synchronized.

It’s worth noting cannabis can impair motor control and judgement, so it should only be used in a safe setting. The good news is if you have a plan, cannabis can be highly beneficial to your workout. Everyone’s body is different and their response to cannabis will vary. It helps to have a seasoned and knowledgeable instructor shadow you and demonstrate the right form. Marijuana may be the answer to reducing physical pain and mental issues,all without the dangerous side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. The plant is far less toxic compared to most prescriptions doctors write every day.

I encourage you to talk to your doctor and fitness instructor before mixing marijuana and a motivational workout. Be open to new experiences that stretch your mind, body, and soul.