The Power of Green: The Herbal Cure a Healing Haven in Denver

In a cannabis oasis like Denver, Colorado it is noteworthy when a dispensary comes on your radar that offers special, hard to find strains from an extraordinary purveyor. Recently I discovered a particular strain for a friend, whose spirit strain is Scroopy Noopers.  That strain is a cross between my favs, Girl Scout Cookies and Stardawg.  While a recognizable strain in Colorado and California, it is not a common menu item for many of my top craft flower haunts.  However, using the trusty website Leafly, I found this coveted strain available at a dispensary I had not yet visited during the two years and one pandemic since we purchased a home in Boulder, Colorado.

THC for Me

As I found the world starting to reopen, I traveled the short distance from Boulder to The Herbal Cure (“THC” for short, by the way) in Denver, Colorado.  A well-crafted website gives you the immediate impression of a few things about THC. First, they produce their own plants and concentrates from the available inventory of strains they maintain.  This is a big deal to me, as I am interested in exploring the plants and products produced by individual craftspeople; that’s where most of the magic is.  I am not a fan of traveling to dispensaries that are merely retailers for others’ efforts in perfecting the art and power of the green.  In such cases, dispensaries feel more like buying wine in a grocery store and less like traveling to a vineyard to taste the grapes.

THC is a family-owned medical and recreational marijuana company that provides the Colorado community with one of the highest-grade marijuana and other natural and holistic products and services.  THC has a comprehensive assortment of flowers, topicals, edibles, and concentrates, all at different price points so that no matter your budget, you can find something of quality for a reasonable price. 

While many times you can tell the difference in the curing or trimming process on the more economical strains at a shop, such was not the case at THC.  I purchased two strains that just happen to be “Economy Shelf” and one that was not, and found them all to be compelling, superior quality products.  

In the current COVID-19 climate, spending time in a new dispensary is somewhat curtailed, making the focus for now more on the products you can obtain via online order, at least that’s how I currently shop.  In the short time I was physically in the shop, THC exuded a cool vibe and their staff was impressive, knowledgeable, and helpful. Outside, painted on the side of a rail car, was a magnificent mural of characters from history, popular culture, and well-educated consumers of cannabis.  THC not only has the finest products but shopping there is an amazing experience.  

Strains, Strains, and More Strains

At THC, I purchased my quarter of Scroopy Noopers, as well as a quarter of a rare Watermelon Cake (Wedding Cake x Watermelon Zkittlez), which maintains a moderate level of THC but CBD-rich flower for a nice balanced, body high that didn’t produce a sleepy buzz.  I also purchased a quarter of Sex Grenade (Lemon G x Albert Hoffman) for the fun name alone and found it to be one of the happier, euphoric highs without the anxiety common to flowers serving this purpose.

Whether you are a psychonaut looking for the doors of perception, or need the love that only cannabis can bring for anxiety, sleep, or happiness, THC is a great place to explore its appeal to all of the above.

The Herbal Cure is located at 985 S Logan St, Denver, CO 80209.  Visit their website {} for store hours and COVID procedures.  Strains reviewed in this blog:  Scroopy Noopers, Watermelon Cake, and Sex Grenade.