Best Cannabis in Boulder, CO – Winter Edition

In celebration of having joined the Boulder, Colorado community one year ago, I offer my readers this unique, personalized insight regarding the thriving cannabis industry there.

After purchasing a home in Boulder, my family and I spent the entire summer in Colorado, and many trips before and after, which included regular exploration of local cannabis products. For a town this size – just over 100,000 residents – world-renown cannabis is just a stone’s throw away. Boulder, and communities near it, like Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, and Broomfield, offer an epic experience. In addition to the amazing, state-of-the-art products, you’ll find majestic views when you travel to Boulder from Denver, which is a scant 25 miles away.

The flower power has flourished in Boulder since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis. All you need is a state issued identification card from any state showing you are at least 21 years old, and you are able to purchase:

(1) for flowers, you can purchase up to an ounce, and carry the same, without breaking the law, as least for possessing it;

(2) up to eight grams of what are commonly referred to as concentrates, in a broad spectrum of permutations called hash, or sauce, or read my other blog on concentrates; and

(3) up to eight different edible items, and on that front, every form of candy, sweet, or elixir is now available. You can mix and match these options, with some flowers, and perhaps a few gummies, and a nice gram of hash to boot.

Due to the high-quality of cannabis options, the process of selecting the right brand or strain can be overwhelming, especially here in Boulder, where the marketplace for everything is brutal, so you better deliver the best and the tastiest cannabis, our someone else will. Imagine having only an hour or two in Napa Valley. Wouldn’t it be nice to know immediately which vineyards have the best Cabernet? The same goes for cannabis.

If you have a limited amount of time in or near Boulder, I encourage you to visit some of the best cannabis dispensaries on the planet. That’s not hyperbole; I’ve been to California, Oregon, and Amsterdam, and Boulder’s products win every time.

Stop 1: Verde Natural, 302 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Famed Pearl Street is about 5 blocks from the more concentrated retail areas, and its where you’ll discover Verde Natural that focuses on collecting the best growers, and then adds in the best post-production curing for flowers. Their list of flowers is endless and I can admit to attempting to try their entire suite of flowers. I always pick up a quarter of Super Lemon Haze, as well as a quarter of Tropical Delight. If you are looking for great edibles, try their 1906 Chocolates, providing a broad spectrum of experiences, including their Love Chocolates with Valentine’s Day on the horizon. The other show off is their Dablogic , or some the best vape products produced by Dablogic Solventless oils, awarded “best concentrate” by local publications.

Stop 2: The Health Center, 537 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, CO 80302

The Heath Center (“THC”) is another craft grower producing smaller batch products, with a flare. Specifically, their indica-dominant Bordello flowers provide a nice body high after a long day of skiing without impeding sleep. Their Strawberry Nightmare is worth a look, too. You will always find a bit of both in my home stash.

Stop 3: The Farm, 2801 Iris Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301

Travel east on Pearl until you land on Broadway, where you will jog north until you reach Iris. Go east on Iris where you will see The Farm. The best way I can describe The Farm is if you were going to produce a sitcom in a cannabis dispensary, it would look like The Farm. Super fun dispensary where they sell lots of supplies, clothing, and other cannabis-related glass. The Farm offer broad spectra of edibles with all of the products from Wanna Brands (for gummies and hard candy) as well as the Mary’s Medicinals. Mary’s has a relatively news tincture, which The Farm carries, that is great for sleep and easy to dose. For flowers, get yourself some Blue Dream, or make sure to check out their daily menu of available flowers.

Stop 4: Maikoh Holistics, 2750 Glenwood Drive, Boulder, CO 80304

You are in for a treat, finding hand-trimmed, smaller batch flowers. I have been to this dispensary many times, and I can’t leave without some Berkel, or Gelato, both balanced hybrids for sitting around the fire. Always fun to walk in and find the owner checking you in and he’s always excited to talk about his craft. One of the things I love about the cannabis experience is getting an education behind the tastes, smells, and planting processes that go into cannabis products. Take your time and talk to dispensary owners and budtenders as it will be well worth it.

Stop 5: Drift, 1750 30th St Unit 12, Boulder, CO 80301

If you’ve got time for one more stop, head to Drift, located near the intersection of 30th and Canyon, immediately north of Boulder’s only Best Buy. Drift is the unassuming place located in a long strip mall and sells well-tended, well-crafted flowers you can find at value prices. For daytime consumers, I like Drift’s Colombian Gold because of its equal balance of THC and CBD, but not too euphoric. This is a great ski flower, as you can keep your head in the run but remain chill. Lately, I have been digging on their 99 Pineapples, a potent late afternoon flower, and matches those après ski boots you look so good in.

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How did you do? If you visited any of these dispensaries, I’d love to hear from you, either via email ( or through NewsMunchies social media channels. Tip: Most of these dispensaries permit you to go their websites, and order ahead, so all you have to do is show your ID. Happy shopping and happy consuming.