I Heart Cannabis: Valentine’s Day Edition

Love (and cannabis) are in the air this Valentine’s Day. Can cannabis heat up your sex life? Can cannabis help ease pain during sex? How do you have the best sex of your life with cannabis? Let cannabis play cupid this Valentine’s Day.

Considered a natural aphrodisiac, specific cannabis strains can be great for piquing arousal when used topically, or through smoking or inhalation. But when introducing cannabis in the bedroom, it all comes down to the sexual experience a person is seeking.

Recent scientific studies substantiate what many cannabis consumers have claimed all along — that it enhances sexual relations. According to a research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine entitled the “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study,” the goal of the study was to determine whether a relation between cannabis use and sexual frequency exists using a nationally representative sample of reproductive-age men and women. The analysis represented 28,176 women and 22,943 men nationwide who were surveyed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) by way of a questionnaire.

The clinical implications of the aforementioned study revealed “Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function.” This is not surprising. For centuries, people have smoked weed to enhance their orgasms and spice up their sex lives. Legit, peer-reviewed studies suggest that marijuana has aphrodisiac qualities. A 2016  survey found that approximately half of marijuana users reported feeling “aphrodisiac effects” after smoking cannabis, while 70% said they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Choose cannabis over wine, beer or hard liquor for your love on V-Day. Did you know that combining lovemaking with recreational cannabis can be sex-enhancing while no more dangerous? Meanwhile, drunk sex is often lousy sex and it can increase the risk of sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence. No study has ever shown cannabis to increase sexual violence.  If you need help finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift look no further than cannabis.

I had the pleasure of visiting The Farm Dispensary in Colorado, which is a locally-owned and operated marijuana dispensary in the heart of Boulder. I have gotten to know the great budtenders who run the place. They have all kinds of Valentine’s Day treats for your sweets, including the one of me pictured at top. The Farm is passionate about growing the cleanest, most potent, natural craft cannabis for adults 21 and over. They are also pioneers in cannabis compliance, helping to shape the movement for responsible consumption of Colorado marijuana. Stay tuned for my podcast interview with the budtenders from The Farm.

As February 14th is just about here you could embrace the traditional crowd-pleasers and go the massage gift certificate route or you could elevate the odds of pleasing your significant other with cannabis-infused products. There are many presents for that special marijuana-loving someone that can help make this Valentine’s Day sizzle and deliver a highly memorable oomph.