Red, Blue, Who Are You? Political Wunderkinds to Follow in 2014


  1. Bill de Blasio, the new “Change” politician.  New York City can eat you up and spit you out, which is why The Empire State needs a leader with ferocity, directness and fuggedaboutit pizazz.  New Yorkers voted off the island Anthony Weiner and nominated in Bill de Blasio, a “progressive” who has pledged to end the Big Apple’s glaring income inequality.  In other words, he appeals to jaded Columbia and NYU students whose voices were part of the cacophony of noise otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street.  de Blasio’s goal, he said, is “that New Yorkers see our city not as the exclusive domain of the 1 percent but a place where everyday people can afford to live, work and raise a family.”  New York can be a cold, dark place for those without friends in high places. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has yet to ratify de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes on New Yorkers who earn more than five hundred thousand dollars a year—a proposal that requires the approval of the state legislature and the governor’s signature.  This is an election year for Cuomo, after all.

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  3. Charlie Crist, the penitent contender. “I’m sorry I did that. It was a mistake. I was wrong. Please forgive me,” former Florida Governor Charlie Crist told Watermark Online, an LGBT publication, when asked whether his previous statements against gay marriage and gay adoption represent his views today. When was the last time you heard an apology from a candidate?  Crist, a former Republican turned Democrat, expressed regret for backing Amendment 2 that enshrined a ban against same-sex marriage in the state’s constitution. Crist served as governor under the Republican flag from 2007 to 2011, but is now running for a second term as a Big Blue Democrat.  Switching teams is fine, just be straight with the electorate and do not sleep with the enemy.

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  5. Rob Ford, the hard as a rock civil servant. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has put his name on the ballot to run for another term, defying repeated calls for him to step down after admitting he smoked crack “in a drunken stupor.”  The conservative mayor of Canada’s largest city boasted that he is the “best mayor” Nasty Little York has ever had.  A healthy dose of confidence is good; smoking crack cocaine and buying illegal drugs while in office is bad.

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  7. Jared Polis, the avant-garde statesman.  Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) has vowed to pursue cannabis legalization on a federal level after the first legal sales of recreational pot began in The Centennial State on January 1. Polis introduced H.R. 499, a bill that seeks to regulate cannabis like alcohol federally.  The Princeton University grad sees cannabis as a cash cow, and why shouldn’t he?  The Obama administration cannot go another four years asking for handouts from the Clintons, Streisand and Bono.