Becoming Human:  How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Cannabis Industry

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can be applied in many aspects of the cannabis industry.  It has the potential to revolutionize the experience for consumers and companies alike, from improving the cultivation process and boosting production to increasing efficiency, solving supply chain issues, and enhancing the customer experience.  At its core, AI simplifies and expedites processes that would otherwise be done manually over a longer period of time with less accuracy. 

The legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis at the state level has created a growing desire to roll out more products to more consumers.  New technology can help cultivators produce better crops and identify the right times to scale their growing operations.  AI can also create more accurate demand predictions so they can avoid being out of stock on popular products.

Modern AI technology can help optimize the cultivation process by providing real-time monitoring of critical factors such as temperature, humidity, pest problems, and light.  By analyzing this data, growers and businesses can make informed decisions about how to adjust the growing environment to maximize yield and quality. 

AI can track information about consumers’ product preferences, consumption habits, and purchasing power so that companies can prepare their inventories accordingly.   AI can also enhance the customer experience, from personalized recommendations to predictive analytics. By analyzing customer data, AI can create custom product recommendations based on preferences and past purchases.  

Analysis from AI can help businesses increase customer loyalty and drive sales.  This technology helps companies receive actionable insights about the right products to produce and sell and when to do so.  For both consumers and companies alike, AI fosters a strong sense of optimization and efficiency.  

On the legal front, thanks to disparate state laws surrounding cannabis legalization, AI can ensure companies comply with legal limits for THC content and mitigate the risk of costly fines and legal issues for those not in compliance.

Cannabis consumers can have different experiences using the same plant material or strain.  Sometimes the same individual can use the exact same cannabis on two different occasions and get vastly different results.  While most regular cannabis users are aware of this phenomena, what is less understood is how to predict what kind of cannabis experience you’ll have before you make the choice to use it.  AI can potentially solve that problem.

Machine learning models can process and find patterns in a wide variety of different experiences and effects.  For example, AI can tell you with more certainty whether you will feel happiness, energy, relaxation, anxiety, and/or pain relief when consuming a particular plant material or strain.  

By connecting AI and cannabis, we’re equipping consumers and companies with important information to navigate this potpourri industry with enhanced self-assurance, predictability, and quality.